Hello, I'm Molly... a creative, a mom & wife.

As a wife, mom, photographer and more... I invent a lot of hats for myself. Not all of them are completely necessary, but I can't help myself! I've got a creative license to be chaotic. ;)

I am a self-taught Graphic Designer and absolutely love being creative in any way. I fell in to photography by accident (who hasn't?) and it just really works for me, I love it. So now I am a self-taught Photographer as well. I do invest a lot of time, research and online education in to my learning fundamentals so I do not carry my self-taught title lightly. 

Over 10-years ago I was involved in film-based photography in High School, but honestly I do not have that romantic story where I was taking photo's since I was five and always strived for this. Although I have always been quite invested in anything related to art.

I enjoy the business and process of artistic expression in the field of photography. No matter how saturated the photographer market may be, I know that my vision is something I was built with. 

I grew up in Southern Oregon and after some time apart, moved back and settled in Central Point, Oregon. I adore our area, our four seasons and the trees!

And yes, yes... I'm definitely aware I probably should get a professional photo of myself - it's on the list. You know how it goes, the mechanic with broken cars (or something to that extent haha!).

If you'd like to learn more about me, read on...

Being a Wife…

My husband and I have been together for about 16-years, married for 11-ish. All that time is a long road of this and that, babies, health trials (on my end, with Auto-Immune Disorder stuff), and now we are here. Any successful marraige has it's struggle and wins and if you survive you come out stronger on the other side, right?!

In the past we've accomplished triathlons and multiple running events together. Then a big PAUSE button on all that once babies and disorders set in on my end and after finally getting some window of hope in early 2015 I started to be able to do more. So now...

We really enjoy our #DateDays - something we started doing in 2015. We did Day Camp this past summer which was a huge hit with the kids - and meanwhile allowed us time for adventuring. Last summer we did a lot of Swim-Bike-Run's, this summer we did more hiking focused days. 

As a couple, we really make efforts to balance ourselves along with our family time. Every year we enjoy a fun family trip to Lake Tahoe, they go on various camping trips, the Oregon Coast and other random day adventures.  

I absolutely adore my husband and our family dynamic and I treasure it more and more each day.

Being a Mom…

I think take my role as a mom quite full-throttle. I grew up in a small house, lots of pine tree's on 15-acres, 3 brothers and 1 sister. My mom was always super creative in both an artistic way, and in her parenting. I feel I take after her in that respect.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like to try fun and inventive things in my parenting and household management tasks. We all eat some sort of #KindaPaleo diet, so I cook a lot, and I like to invent things like "Laundry Dice," and "#SparkleSaturday."  

Otherwise, I try ot make life fun for the little beasties, while learning responsibility and trying to build functional communicators. I also definitely put my kids above work no matter what - and that happens. ;)

A littel factoid list about my kids. Currently (Fall 2016) our kiddo's: 


  • 9-years old and in the 4th Grade
  • Read-a-holic (proficient at 8th grade reading level)
  • Incredible at Origami
  • Incredible at paper airplane folding
  • Adores Swimming, biking & parkour
  • Starting to be a great runner!


  • 6-years old and starting 1st Grade!! 
  • Reading Level 1 & 2 books before 1st grade - feeling awesome about that!
  • LOVES (an understatement) wearing princess ball gowns, crowns & heels
  • Loves working out
  • Adores Swimming!

Being Me…

Ahhh to be a creative person... I think it's easier to list my creative interests:

  • Photography (no kidding!)
  • Graphic Design
  • Traditional Art: Painting, Drawing, you name it...
  • DIY - If you put your mind to it, you can do it!
  • Sewing - Something I'm always working at!
  • I started teaching iPhoneography this year.

A little more off the creative grid:

  • I love to cook & invent recipies
  • I love to learn!
  • I love to run! (I also bike & swim)
  • I love music (specifically my Shakira Pandora Station)
  • I'm really awful at selfies
  • I'm super impatient
  • I get "Hangry" often
  • I'm a speed-talker!
  • I've had 9 Ear Surgeries which have left me almost deaf in my right ear.
  • I constantly try to fit 1-month's worth of tasks in to 1-day