Client Galleries

Welcome. This section will eventually have ALL my client galleries (unless they are set to private mode). The company I use for galleries did a major upgrade and I am now able to have an index within my website, which is awesome for those of you who misplace your “Lifetime Gallery” link you can now just go through my website.

I love the new setup and admin tools, however, I have noticed a bit of confusion in how the galleries work — getting to your FULL gallery.


First. In order to Publish your gallery, I must send / email their template with a “VIEW GALLERY” button — it takes you HERE to THIS page, instead of directly to your gallery itself. Personally, I don’t like that as it seems to not be very clear to you, the client. If your gallery does not appear at the top level — I have issued a complaint about this. The company has been hard at work getting all these little tweaks dealt with.

Second. When you click on your gallery, there may be a set of preview photo’s (5-10 or so). This is NOT your FULL Gallery. Scroll to the bottom and click on the gray lettering, “VIEW ALL PHOTO’S” (personally this needs to be larger and more visible, hoping they fix that). This takes y0u to your full gallery.

Last. If you are a long-time client, I am working to merge the last 4-years of photo’s in to this new system. I wish they had made this process more automatic, but it’s not. 

I apologize for any of the confusions. I really do love this company and trust they will work all these things out. I have been with them for about 3-4 years and they always come through. I have found that the actual system is much easier to use and I love a lot of the features.