Frequently Asked Questions

No. You are perfectly welcome to skip sessions and still get the $125.00 per studio session. However, you will not receive:

  • The Baby’s First Year Custom Printed Photo Album Keepsake
  • The Baby’s First Year – Family Portrait Deal(s)

You may always plan to simplify it and do a 6-month indoor/outdoor (choice) appointment and then plan your family session at my current full price Family Portrait Rate. At that outdoor family session, I would be capturing that 12-month milestone along with the rest of the portraits.

More information:

Baby’s First Year – Pricing & Package Details

Baby’s First Year – Planning for your Sessions

*Album’s purchased separately are around $75 USD

Yes, I do! Check out both my Family & Fur Babies Portfolio’s to see some examples. I invite people to include their pets in portraits. I do need a heads up so that I am prepared for this scenario.

I have included quite a few dogs in 2016. Please bring a leash (preferably a neutral or flat color like grays or black. I haven’t needed to resort to using dog-friendly treats yet (with success on my own method).

Normally I include the dog/pet in the scene with a person, in order to keep the dog / pet in place. If your pet is trained to sit alone, I can do their own portrait as well.

Pet Limitations:

Ultimately, just need to know what type of pet you have and we would plan your session with conditions to cater towards your pets needs. For example, a dog would need a pet-friendly environment. A hose would need to be photographed on location or very specific locations. A cat may need indoor. A lizard or snake, indoor. An elephant or giraffe, probably at the zoo. 😉

Extra Charges?

No. Bringing a pet to a session wouldn’t need to cost any more than your normal price. In the event I would need to travel extra or provide arrangements that would cost me money, I would discuss and we would come to an agreement.

Available days during the school year (mid September through mid June):

  • Sundays (outdoor only)
    • Mornings & Afternoons (winter)
    • Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings (summer / fall)
  • Monday’s (outdoor only)
    • Mornings & Afternoons (winter)
    • Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings (summer / fall)
  • Tuesday through Friday (outdoor / indoor)
    • Mornings (Sept – June)
  • Saturdays
    • Saturday’s are complicated, because I have children with activities, my husband works all day, etc. I can work some Saturday’s in to my scheduling, but I almost always leave it as a last resort.

Summer Availability (mid June through mid Sept):

  • Sundays (outdoor only)
    • Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings
  • Monday’s (outdoor only)
    • Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings
  • Tuesday through Friday (outdoor / indoor)
    • Mornings of Select Weeks (June – Sept)
  • Saturdays
    • Saturday’s are complicated, because I have children with activities, my husband works all day, etc. I can work some Saturday’s in to my scheduling, but I almost always leave it as a last resort.

Newborn’s & Baby’s First Year Sessions are always scheduled Tuesday through Friday between 10am and 1pm. The majority of these are indoor at my Home Studio.

If you missed out or skipped out on doing a full Baby’s First Year package, you can still still get individual Milestone Portraits done.

Milestone sessions (start at) $135 each

What counts as “Milestone” Portraits?

  • Any age baby 4-months to 12-months of age
  • 1-Year (12-months), 2-year, 3-year+
  • Birthday Card Portraits (any age 4mo-100+)
  • Gender Announcement / Reveal
  • Blessing / Baptism / Christening Portraits
    • I will accept Blessing Portraits for a baby under 4-months
  • Details & Includes:
    • 20 to 30 minute session time.
    • 12-18 Professionally Edited, Hi-Res Images
    • 3-4 week Delivery
    • Color + “Luxy” Black & White
    • Online Lifetime Gallery
    • Professional Print Lab via your gallery, or…
    • Download & Print how you like
    • Share without restrictions (social media)

You may customize your Milestone Portraits with fun idea’s, however, some idea’s may take more time and cost to set-up and photograph. I can usually provide oversized helium balloons, Tutu’s, etc. Balloon’s would be added cost (at cost).

Get in Touch to Start Planning

Yes, I do! You can find pricing & information for Baby’s First Year package through my Investment Page. Also, if you’d like more in-depth details on what happens at each Baby’s First Year appointment, see this, “What to Expect” page.


I don’t often take on weddings, but sometimes I can be persuaded. I will only accept smaller-sized, simpler weddings. I have done weddings in the past and really do enjoy the portraiture of them, but I don’t wish to fill my season with wedding jobs.

I will take Elopements & Bridal / Groom Portraits.

At this point in time, I do not have an investment page for weddings, elopements or set prices on Bride and/or Groom Portraits. Every situation is different, so please just get in touch if you are interested in a custom quote.

Get in Touch!

You will find pricing and information for Family Portraits over here on the Investment Section.